An illustrated guide of the Pantanal - Part 1

Illustrations are the best form of visual observation. I feel that  they help us best understand the subject in question. In humans it may help us understand  body language,  expressions and emotions. In animals, it helps us understand every muscle, colour, texture  and sometimes even their behaviour, camouflage and habitat. To that effect, I have tried to bring out an illustrated guide to different forests, starting with the Pantanal in Brazil, where I was lucky to observe a whole range of biodiversity, the true nature of which I was only able to appreciate once I had outlined them in my sketch book.

Toco Toucan 
Be it the colourful disposition of a Toucan 

Yellow Anaconda

Or the molten presence of an Anaconda 

Tiger heron 
To the brilliant purple-rust plumage of a tiger heron 

Giant River otter 
The unhurried gait of a river otter 

To the gorgeous Caiman 


  To the gentle nature of a capybara 


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