The quest to save, has us fighting each other, everyday.

"How will what you are doing, help save the forests?" - Generalisation of human opinion.

The world already feels somewhat of a battleground what with fights for space, money,  opinions and emotions raining down almost everyday  much like this torrential downpour. The only difference is, the rain, we need. The fights, we don't. So why do I suddenly feel the need to philosophise about fighting? it is because, in my time as a 'wildlifer' I have seen more people fighting each other rather than fighting for the species in question. They fight  about what the other is doing wrong rather than what is going wrong for the species in question. Why is it necessary to pin point loopholes in another person's attempt to save the species rather than mend the loopholes in the system  that has brought  this species to the brink, where it needs to be carefully guarded lest it disappear, appearing only as dusty souvenirs in shops or books where it's shelf life will probably be even lesser than what it is now. Blaming one another, berating initiatives, mockery is  a waste of time.  All this time lost in trying to prove the other wrong, is us, losing time in forming a plan to save the species. When there are so many of us crusading to save the same thing, why can't we ever attempt at doing it together? Will it make us any less of a  human being? if anything, it will make us petty and confined to a bubble that will lose its sparkle and value if any, when we lose what we have all been tirelessly working for, leaving nothing but a carpet of self absorbed opinions and ego centric ideas in its wake, that do no one, least of all the species in question any good.

In our quest to prove a point, and to determinedly announce ourselves as the saviours of the planet, I feel we have forgotten to care or absorb  the qualities that make the forests our muse, so special. The flexible nature of water, the strength of tree roots, the protective nature of an elephant herd, the focus of a tiger, the team spirit of wild dogs or even the grace of a panther these are the qualities we should imbibe. What are we trying to prove ? why can't we work together, why can't we have a less myopic vision that barely extends beyond one's own nose?Why can't we debate or share each other insights? Why can't we talk? Perhaps we will never know or perhaps we are too indifferent to care but either way, in this constant quest to fight each other over something we all love, I hope things don't end in despair.


  1. Good points, all. More multidisciplinary thinkers and doers are necessary.


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