A stream runs through it

It was a morning well spent at the gorgeous Sanjay Gandhi National Park with the Puff Throated Babblers issuing their piercingly violent warning of 'I will beat you', the Magpie Robins continuing their run of being at the top of the 'songster' of the year list, the Coucals calling across the hills in their deep hooping call, and the Barbets coppersmithing their morning away. In other words, a full orchestra!

However there was a sharp dip in our happiness and excitement as we approached the forest river, which could be heard gurgling and gushing and welcoming us from afar during our previous visits; only, this time it was eerily quiet and on reaching the river all we saw were a few puddles of water, a river which was a mere shadow of itself. No gurgling music this time. Is this because of us ? Have we done this? Is this what climate change looks like ? I don't know, but whatever it was, it sure didn't look okay. The river, it didn't look well.


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